Opportunity of a Lifetime

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Contained in this book are the best Philequity Corner articles Wilson Sy has written over the years. Brought about by popular demand, this book aims to preserve the countless investment lessons contained in those articles.

A by-product of this compilation is the chronicling of past events relating to financial markets. As these articles were written on a weekly basis, they often contained the latest and the most pertinent developments that affected stocks, bonds and even commodities

However, the essence of this book lies in its timelessness - that even though the quotes speak of historical events, the wisdom gained on risk management, human emotions, and value investing will constantly prove useful and apt.


  1. Hello Mr. Wilson Sy,

    I'm badly in need of your book for me to survive the unforgiving stock market. And surviving means investing in invaluable knowledge such as your book that would help sharpen my sword before I go make a killing at the Stock Market. And I do really believe that your story is one of the best tools available out there to serve as an investment guide.

    Sadly, I can't find one here in Baguio or any local book store that offers your wisdom. So I would like to humbly inquire if there any online stores you can recommend that sells your book. It would be an honor having your book shelved in my bookshelf.

    Arvin T. Balageo

  2. Good Day!
    May i ask where can i buy a copy of this treasure can I order the it online?